, Οκτώβριος 2013

ADVENDURE, Απρίλιος 2013

"Ιδανική για κάποιον που έχει σοβαρούς αθλητικούς στόχους, προπονείται πολύ έντονα και θέλει να εμβαθύνει πιο επιστημονικά και σοβαρά στο ζήτημα της αποκατάστασης". Διαβάστε το άρθρο αναλυτικά >>

Trails Endurance Mag, Ιούνιος - Ιούλιος 2013

Gizmag, Μάιος 2013

Santa Cruz GPS & BIKE, July 2013


Vélo Magazine, June 2013

Vélo Magazine

"The electrostimulation for recovery is not a new method, but it is efficient and easy-to-use. So, why do without it?"

VTT Magazine, June 2013

VTT Magazine


Le Cycle, June 2013

le cycle

"After the effort, the recovery! To optimize this key phase, Veinoplus Sport introduces a new electrostimulator for recovery", June 2013

"VeinoPlus Sport is convenient, pain-free and comfortable. Its efficiency is clinically proven."

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"There is a real improvement of recovery, both immediate and long lasting."

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Running Attitude, May 2013

running attitude

"One single program, two electrodes and a lot of benefits..."

Runner's World, May 2013

Runners's world

"Veinoplus Sport, the easy recovery..."

Esprit trail, April 2013

esprit trail

"Efficient since the 3rd minute of use..."

Vélo Tout Terrain, April 2013

Velo tout terrain

"A significant improvement of recovery...."

Trail Session, la passion du trail, February 2013

trail session

"Clearly, this new product offers a smart recovery solution for all kinds of sports..."

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Running Café, la pause des runners

running café

"This smart and compact device is very easy-to-use and quite impressive..."

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Trimag, l'esprit du Triathlon


"Serious physiological basis..."

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Terre de trail

terre de trail

"I already was convinced of the electrostimulation's benefits on muscular recovery, and this Veinoplus test has confirmed my ideas."

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PYFRides, Mars 2013


"We are lucky to have two Veinoplus Sport available to help with recovery during the race. Have a look at theirwebsite !"

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Le Geek Sportif, May 2013


"The usefulness of this electrostimulation device for all sports and its simplicity of use are the reason why it deserves the top rating of 5 stars."

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